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A Poem I dedicate to Bruce Martin Whealton Jr.

Demonostrating how special Bruce Martin Whealton is…


A thousand fair suitors all stab at your heart
Those poets of movement and jockeys of art
The high-volume vendors who hustle romance
Splashing their canvas with color and dance The blasters of trumpets, gold banners unfurled
They offer lush gardens in glistening worlds
Yes, bearers of torches and carvers of stone
Who whisper their sonnets and surrender their thrones

And there in your doorway, no shadow is cast
No lingering voices, no ghosts from the past
Just a cluster of walls, and a window of pain
Collecting the heartache like droplets of rain Still I stand before you, with palms to the sky
No gold in my pocket, no thorn in my side
And all I can offer, where words have no place
Is a body that trembles, and this love that awaits


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How Glad I am to have Married Bruce Martin Whealton

On Our Aniversary:

Dearest love of my life,

A year has passed since the day we married.  Easily the best year of my life.  Because I look at you and wonder how you are mine.   Thanks for choosing me.  for continuing to choose me everyday.  I got the best darn one.  I wonder how that happen?

Thanks for all those sweet everyday nothings  - they really aren’t nothing.  they mean so much to me.   You have made my days so much brighter.  Thanks for including  me in every decision, big or little.  For wanting my happiness above your own.  You really are the most selfless man out there.  Your compassion and thoughtfulness astounds me.  You are always thinking of others.  You are always thinking of me.  You never hold a grudge.  seriously, never.  that might be your best quality.  but it’s hard for me to pick. Please never change. 

I used to wonder about having children before we were us.  I hoped they would feel completely loved.  I no longer hope, but know.  That is so reassuring on days when I am thinking too much. 

Marriage to you has given me a sense of calm and peace I did not have a year ago.  Thank you for that.  It looks like you are rubbing off on me.  even just a little, i’ll take it.   I also didn’t expect to know you the way i do, how close we have become was incomprehensible to me before.  what will it be like 10, 20, 60 years from now? 

I thank God for you

I love you. always.

so much love,

your wife

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Bruce Whealton | Build your network and connect using FOAF | Bruce Whealton: On Being a Poet and Other Existential Ideas

Bruce Whealton: On Being a Poet and Other Existential Ideas

Blog by Bruce Whealton

« My Poem is accepted for “The Love Book”

postheadericon Build your network and connect using FOAF

October 2nd, 2010 | Author: Bruce Whealton | Edit

FOAF is a way to connect with others, network, and to be discovered by others. This can help as a means to post a resume and links to a resume, your contact information, business websites, friends’ websites, blogs, chat ids, email addresses (which can be encrypted to protect against spam) and more.

FOAF is defined as meaning in one sense, Friend of a Friend. More specifically it is a vocabulary for describing people and the relationships between people. The vocabulary allows for specifying websites, online accounts, all the people you know… the various ways that define our network. These days of computer networks can make the word network sound complex but in a way it is just as simple and intutitive as we might think of the word. We have a support network, a friends network, a work network, family network, etc. The vocabulary lets you also describe websites, documents and other resources. You can list your publications and link them to this file. You can have one biographical file and link to that in that one file.

Why this matters

So, why does this matter to you? Computers help us in many ways. The web is made up of computers talking to each other, using software that is layered on other software, such as it is on your computer. This technology that is associated with FOAF is related to the semantic web. This technology helps computers help us to better accomplish our goals. One example is in searching for information. There are other vocabularies that supplement FOAF or otherwise address other information. However, one of the things that we search for is information about people and who best to tell us about the people around us than our friends and the friends of others? The FOAF vocabulary lets you specify the people you know. It’s very simple, Bruce Whealton knows Bruce Smith (imaginary name here).

About FOAF files.

These files can be in an xml based format, which means it is meant to be read by computers (aka machines, aka software). I put mine in a few places that I hope search engines will find. One of the benefits of this is that in the foaf file you can list, among other things, who you know with a link to their foaf.rdf file or other pages that are associated with that person, e.g. their blog, or a website that they are a part of or contributor to, or co-owner of. In addition, the foaf file will have other data about you, your work, your schools, websites, activities… blogs, publications, etc… whatever one wants to share.
How do you create a foaf.rdf file: go here:
There is a form that you can fill in and it will generate a foaf.rdf file. You select all, copy and paste that into a text editor then upload to a server in a place where it can be referenced. You could put in links within your websites, in the header, to link to the foaf.rdf file like this:

That foaf-a-matic tool is limited to a very few small fields. So, I’m looking for better tools.
I hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions.
My file is here:

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New Team Member: Future Wave Designs: Philip Khristian Uy Perez

Future Wave Designs has just added a member to the team. His name is Philip Khristian Uy Perez, from the Philippines. I met him on and was impressed with his talents in programming, rich internet application development, graphics, web design and other related skills.

I look forward to working with Philip and learning more about his skills in this exciting field.

Bruce Whealton

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Web Technology Resources: Twine: Social Networking for the Web of the Future


Twine is an interest networking Website deisgned to let people share links, comments, files, and more about topics they are interested in.  Twine has diverse interest categories, from news, sports, music, the web, science discoveries and many more are being created by users.

The site has several topic areas that categorize the content that people are sharing on the site.  When you visit the site you will see these top level menu items, US & World, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Technology, and More.  Moving the mouse over any of these will display submenus very nicely that present content within those categories. 

This is an exciting site to use.  The technology is powerful and advanced.  The site uses autotagging, Natural Language Processing, and RDF Semantic Web data.  However, the user doesn’t see any of this, instead the focus is on presenting a nice interactive site for discoving and sharing.

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Intro to the Semantic Web


Let’s start with a definition of Semantics. Semantics is closely related to syntax. The syntax is how we say something and the semantics is the meaning behind what we say. Take a sentence in English as an example. The sentence is made up of punctuation, spelling, and the letters. The semantics is what the sentence means.

When we talk about syntax and semantics we are talking about communication. The Internet gave a way for computers to communicate with one another. It gave them a voice so that they could talk to one another. However, just as a parrot can mimic human speech, a computer on the web can only mimic human information. It does not understand what the information means.

The web is made up of web pages that use a syntax that tells how to display or present documents or information for us. The need for the semantic web is because computers and the web were not designed to understand the meaning of what is contained on a web page. Computers can recognize the syntax of web pages, i.e. how to display the information on a web page but not the semantics of what is contained on a web page.

The semantic web is about things, people, events, places and any concept you can think about. The semantic web is not only about understanding the meaning of what is contained on a web page but how these things are related to one another. Two technologies for embedding semantic information in web pages are microformats and RDFa. So, this is not about something that will happen in the future, it is about technologies that exist now… and are happening now.

Once a computer and the web can understand what a person, a place and an event is, it can start helping you interact with these things. A good example is in semantic web searches. Search engines would be more accurate. You could tell the search engines whether you are searching for a person, a place or a song. They wouldn’t only depend on keywords but also the semantics contained within web pages. It is about helping computers get us what we want.

See and by the web consortium.

Post by Bruce Whealton